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“Honestly Ishizaki, as far as Ryūen’s safety is concerned, I don’t think it’s a very good idea to get rid of somebody like you who understands the importance of Ryūen’s presence in your class. If there’s another exam similar to this one in the future, there’s no guarantee Ryūen will be able to make it through that one either.”

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Ishizaki seemed to agree with my logic.

“So either Nishino or Manabe…”

Ishizaki listed two names, both of whom I was familiar with. Manabe, in particular, was the student I had been thinking of expelling.

Either way, he was the one who had to make the final call.

I intended to respect his decision, regardless of who he ended up choosing.

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“Whether it’s one of them, or someone else, the decision is entirely up to you.”

Ishizaki was also aware of what had taken place between Manabe and Kei during the Cruise Ship Special Exam. If that incident had even the slightest influence on his considerations, in all probability, he would choose to get rid of Manabe.

He was searching for flaws. Searching for some sort of justification where he could throw up his hands and say she had brought this upon herself. Manabe had put her hands on Kei, and by doing so, had brought unnecessary trouble upon her class.

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Gradually, Ishizaki would begin to think that expelling Manabe wouldn’t be too unreasonable.

As far as Kei was concerned, even though she had already put the incident behind her, Manabe’s presence would always be a constant source of uneasiness. Resolving this issue would be enough to allow Kei to relax a little more. Additionally, if I were to have Kei presume that I had been responsible for the expulsion, her confidence in me would also increase yet again.

However, Ibuki unexpectedly spoke up just as Ishizaki was finalizing his decision.