Project recruiting items online

Project recruiting items online

It seems some vigor has returned to the eyes he's staring at me with.

Even after learning fear, there was still a glint in Ryuuen's eyes. Our eyes met.

"Ayanokouji, it seems like you're intent on manipulating me even if it requires force, but I have no intention of fighting".

"So it seems".

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It appears he's firmed his resolve. Ryuuen seems intent on completely disappearing from the front stage. Or perhaps he'll continue making moves behind the scenes.

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"Ryuuen, let me give you one advice. Your plan of adhering to private points is not a bad one. However, it is also a fact that it is flawed. Even if one or two people can win out, to raise the whole class up through it is impossible".

"That Ibuki, she spilled the beans huh?".

"It's not like she spilled it. She just asked me if it was possible to save up 800 million".

It's not hard to imagine that it was a strategy that Ryuuen was attempting to carry out. And the fact that this strategy has no chance of succeeding is something the history of the school lays out.

To save up an estimated amount of 800 million private points is very unrealistic. I had thought Ryuuen was attempting to execute a strategy of saving up points either for himself only or for those close to him as well. He only let go of those private points on the rooftop because he had been intent on dropping out, and once he had chosen to remain enrolled, I had expected him to begin acting again to save up private points.

However, judging from Ibuki's state, it appears Ryuuen had been saving up private points as part of a strategy to allow his entire class to win out. Certainly, by existing as a tyrant, there is a need to provide appropriate compensation in return, but at the end of the day, he could have made such a thing null and void. Because such a clear promise to do so, should not have remained behind as a record in the first place.

"Or could it be that you were only pretending to be saving up 800 million?".

If he's been deceiving even Ibuki, then this conversation will end with this.

"Even if by any chance, the points you possess right now are exhausted the contract you've made with Class A still remains. Factoring in the 800 thousand points per month, there's still 25 months left to go. Calculations that allow you to barely make it in time for graduation. If you take into account the private points you receive every month, it can save you slightly more time. Don't lust for any more than that".

Now with this, Ryuuen can openly follow the system, get promoted up to Class A and graduate. Of course, all of this is based on the premise that Class A does not collapse, and he'll need to avoid any unnecessary expenditure but it's not too difficult a task.

"Ayanokouji. You're certainly very smart and very talented. But even so, you're still far from being perfect".

Not as a joke, but rather as if ridiculing me, Ryuuen said that. But his tone was not a joking one. In other words---there is a way to save up 800 million points, is what it would mean.