Online Money Full Work Recruitment

Online Money Full Work Recruitment

It was not a lot of money but it was quite heartwarming.

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Pei Qian was stunned. “Huh? Did we only increase 1,000 yuan previously?”

“I’m sorry, I remembered wrongly. I always thought I mentioned 2,000 yuan.”

“Then we have to follow the agreement...”

Meng Chang :”...”

The light in his eyes dimmed, replaced by confusion, and disbelief.

How infuriating!

Even if you remember wrongly, shouldn’t you just give me an additional 1,000 yuan?

How could he take back what he said?

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He must be doing this on purpose!

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Meng Chang was silent for a moment. “Boss Pei, I’m quitting! I want to terminate the agreement!”

Pei Qian quickly stood up. “Don’t be rash! Let’s talk properly if you have anything to say. Don’t terminate without saying a word.”