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“Do you think of violence as a game?”

“Ah yea, it’s a game.”

“How boring, but, if that’s what you want, you don’t have to wait until next time. I can take on the fight now. However, that is only if you promise not to attack any more of my classmates.”

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In that hair-trigger atmosphere, both of them looked at each other with an unyielding look in their eyes.

“Hey, hey, what do ya mean by that?”

“I suspect that you’re the one who got Hatano expelled. He’s not the kind of student who would easily break the school rules.”

“Ain’t it just the small fry imploding as a result of fearing expulsion?”

“I remember clearly the look on his face when he got expelled. He had been tricked by someone.”

“And, you’re saying it was me?”

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“Who else could it possibly be?”

Although Housen was going to back off, tension sparked again.

“Calm down, both of you. If you start a fight here, you’ll be doing exactly what Kazuomi wants.”

“Takahashi-kun is right. The most important thing now is to focus on the uninhabited island exam.”

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“Ah, right, we could group up with the other classes in the next special exam.”

Housen said that as if he hadn’t thought about it until now.

“So what? Since you have refused to work with the other classes, this has nothing to do with you right?”

“If you beg me sincerely, I could also work with ya.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t group up with you even if you were the last person remaining.”

“How cold.”