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“You, you were trying to throw her to the ground, right? It’s concrete here, you know. Just because you’re siblings doesn’t mean you can do anything you want.”

“It’s not admirable to eavesdrop.”

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“Just let go of her hand.”

“That’s what I should be saying.”

It was silent while we glared at each other.

“Stop, Ayanokouji-kun…”

She said with a strained voice. I’ve never seen her like that before.

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Reluctantly, I let go of his arm. At that moment, he aimed for my face with a quick backhand.

Feeling danger, I instinctively leaned backwards. A nasty attack with a thin body. Furthermore, he aimed for my vitals with a sharp kick.

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I understood that it had power to make me lose consciousness in one hit. With a confused look, he let out a breath and extended his right arm towards me.

If I grabbed his hand, he would probably throw me onto the ground. Instead, I slapped his arm away with left hand.