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When I tried to confirm this with Sato-san, she shook her head.

Whenever Ayanokouji-kun was mentioned, Horikita-san’s shadow was always lurking.

But recently, his existence had become more and more prevalent in the class.

There were rumours that Ayanokouji-kun and Horikita-san were keeping close contact. Those kinds of rumours had been circulating for a while now.

However, because there was no evidence, people eventually stopped talking about it.

“He said the same applies to Horikita-san and Kushida-san.”

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Unsurprisingly, the two of them did not seem to be that close.

“Nonononono, wha-?”

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Ignoring Horikita-san’s name, Shinohara-san was shocked to hear that Kushida-san was mentioned.

“So we can confirm that, he’s a blockhead with no interest in love at all… This creeps me out…”

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I could understand how she came to that conclusion. However, Sato-san did not seem to agree.

“If he isn’t attracted by cute girls… then that means he already has someone he likes, right?”

I said this while looking directly at Sato-san, but she averted her gaze and nodded.

Towards the person you liked, you paid attention to them more than anyone else.

The person who best perceived Ayanokouji-kun should be Sato-san.

“I’m guessing that Ayanokouji-kun… likes Karuizawa-san.”

Sato-san said this while looking away.

“You’re joking, what? Is this true? Hu-huh? Seriously? Karuizawa-san?!”

Shinohara-san and I exchanged glances once again.