Make money online how to prevent cheating

Make money online how to prevent cheating

If we win, 100,000 Tsuvlad... given my penniless state, I shouldn’t see it as passable.

It’s less than my one-month allowance, but...what? Hey, Tre’ainar. Why are you reading my mind and looking like, “Wow” there?

“Hey, brother, you’re brave.”

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“Good luck, man!”

Then, spectators gathered around and cheered me on as well.

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Laughing bitterly at such voices, I sat face-to-face across the woman,

“Are you about my age?”

“I’m 15”

“Oh, yes. Citizen of the Empire?”

“Well, I grew up in Imperial City.”

“Really ... of the Imperial City ......”

Sitting still in front of me, the woman looks me over again with great interest and laughs a little... No, why do I get the feeling she’s laughing up her nose at me?

Nyaya...... I’ll show you something in your eyes! ......Tre’ainar.

“Oh, wait a minute, if you intend to challenge ojou, pay 10,000 Tsuvlad.”

“Huh!? Errr!? You’re taking money!??”

“That’s right.”