Can Mahjong on the Internet can make money?

Can Mahjong on the Internet can make money?

(T-They’re really into it now…)

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As Paula-san said, girls really love presents.

「Yes, of course.」

「I, I see!」


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The two of them smiled very happily when they got the “promise of a present”.

(But I’m in trouble now…)

To be honest, I have little money even back at the dorm.

(When I get back, I think I’ll have to start working part-time.)

……No wait.

(Just like before, I can participate in some regional Sword Festival and aim for the prize money.)

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As I was thinking that to myself, the now very cheerful president clapped her hands.

「Well, we’ve all got our sakura products, so let’s start our tour!」

Then, we decided to go sightseeing in the Country of Sakura in earnest.

We walked along the flow of people, while wearing sakura products and taking in the air of the Country of Sakura.