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Non-departing online part-time money

Each person was put in charge of one step in the process, and the various steps took about the same time to complete.

Two people would be put in charge of the more complicated steps that took slightly longer than others, such as cable management. Each of them would work on one machine at a time.

Everyone also had a button in front of them. Once they were done with their machine, they would hit the button. Once everyone hit their respective buttons, the belt on the work tables would automatically move to the right.

That way, everyone only needed to focus on their respective tasks and make sure that they were completed on time. If they finished earlier, they could rest for a while. That was much more efficient than making each of them assemble an entire system unit on their own.

From the first step of installing the CPU into the motherboard to the last step of installing the system lights, everyone would focus on their respective tasks and work in an orderly fashion.

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Once the system lights were installed, the machines would be checked. Then, a professional would package the system unit and prepare for it to be shipped to various distribution points around Jingzhou City.

After customers placed their orders, Upwind Logistics’ delivery men would retrieve the machines from various distribution points and deliver them to the customers’ doorsteps.

Pei Qian immediately felt threatened.

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This Zhang Yuan was really quite good. He could come up with so many tricks for such an ordinary and boring computer-installation business.

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“Not bad.”

Against his true feelings, Pei Qian briefly praised Zhang Yuan so that the latter grinned brightly. After that, Pei Qian led Tang Yishu and Little Sun around the warehouse.

Nothing happened even after they completed their round.

Pei Qian was shocked and slightly disappointed.

Places like warehouses normally contained many hidden threats to safety. For example, there could be electrical, fire, or physical safety hazards.

As Pei Qian walked around the warehouse, he had remained on high alert in case a fire suddenly broke out, a short circuit occurred, or something dropped from a shelf.

Yet, even after they completed their round, nothing happened!

Pei Qian had to say that something had gone wrong with logic-no, metaphysics. He took a closer look around the warehouse and realized that there were indeed no safety hazards.