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There would be no need to worry about her scar drawing attention.

"It looks so lame so that’s impossible, no way! I already hate it when we have to wear it during lessons, why do I have wear it during my spare time too, so lame."

Seems the girls have their own kind of hardships to consider. For Karuizawa who feared dropping in the class caste system, a swimsuit that showed little was a necessity.

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"You like swimming?"

"Ha? Well, I don’t exactly hate it."

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In that case she could at least swim.

"How about taking a swim? There are nobody here except for the lifeguards and they are busy cleaning up."

She probably aware of the congestion so she wouldn’t blame me for it immediately.

"I’m fine…"

"Come on."

"As I said… I’m fine already!"

"You will be fine being seen with that swimsuit of yours."

"That’s not the problem, why do I have to show you my swimsuit…?"

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It seems that was her problem. In that case, should I use a more forceful method to let her swim?

"That’s an order."

Once those words came out, she glared harshly at me.

"You really are the worst, I hate you!"

"You decide on whether to obey or not, which would it be?"