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“Is that so... well... I’m prepared for that too.... but...... even if he’s not a friend, couldn’t you wait a minute to get this guy out of here before beating him up?”

“What, was that was that tha?”

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We might be similar.... but...... still, when I look at the man named Bro, I think, “I’m different”.

“Tell me one thing, Bro.”

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“The way you’re trying to take responsibility... I thought...... you look like an idiot... but I couldn’t take my eyes off it... my heart was shaken.... I’ve seen a lot of strong guys, popular guys... you were the first of your type I’ve ever seen.”

Knowing what I know about Bro, I had to ask.

“Why are you... in a place like this, smoking out and being a delinquent... under Minister Chitsue? Will you stay a hoodlum forever? Is this what you really want?”

Why do you live in a town like this, won’t go out to the world, and won’t raise your name?

“Being a half demon—“

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“That has nothing to do with it... it was the reason why I became a hoodlum, but... it’s not the reason why I stay a hoodlum.”

Before asking if the reason had anything to do with being half-demon, Bro told me to interrupt my words.

“It’s just... don’t say I’m smoldering. I’ve been out in the world more than you imagine. It’s not a sunlit world, but well... I’ve been through a lot... I even joined a dojo... that’s why, after various experiences and encounters, I finally gave up and decided that the way I’m living now is better. I chose it.”

“Huh? This...... is it better to live like that, having these guys run all over you? These people can tease you and make fun of you all they want, yet you help the minister make a little money and try to defend them like that! What distinction? Is there a reason to protect this place?!”

Yes, I couldn’t stand it. Not him being Minister Chitsue’s errand boy.

“Bro... you’re a rare breed... really popular, too. And most of all, a heart that doesn’t bend and doesn’t break. A spirit which tries to take responsibility on your own for your companion, too... as you endured that beat down. I thought it was awesome.... but...... that’s why...... at the same time as I thought awesome, I also thought like this.”

This is the way of the man named Bro.

“Such a waste!”

This guy is stronger than that. When he fights, far from being an Imperial Warrior.... Imperial Knight.

“If you put your mind to it... as long as you don’t stick to your hometown and the hoodlums... you’d be more...... more...”