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She found the radio controlled car that came to a stop after getting entangled in the metal fixtures of the underfloor vent entrance.

The gleaming lens was capturing the girls' changing room from a brilliant angle. Normally, the metal fixtures could be removed by almost anyone, but to remove it it would require a bit of effort and time. Because it was fixed in all directions with a Phillips screwdriver, one would need to remove those fixings first. But Karuizawa touched the metal fixtures and by easily pulling it back, removed it.

It wasn't because she had superhuman strength nor was it because she excelled in regards to her screwdriver skills. It was only because yesterday, someone had set foot in the changing room and removed the screws. It was because the metal fixture, even without the screws, could easily be put into place. Karuizawa holds down the radio controlled car with her hands, and lifts it up.

The lamp beside the monitor was lightly glowing red and it could be seen that it was in the middle of recording.

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Then, using the technique taught to her by Ayanokouji, she removed the mini card from the radio controlled car. At that very moment, the recording stopped functioning and if the process for recording is not followed through again, the recording lamp will not work.

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Then inserting a new mini card with no data on it, she returned it to the underfloor vent entrance.

"And this does it".

After that, just by letting time pass, the radio controlled car will return.

".......he's the only one, who's proper.......".

While feeling exasperated about the scumminess of the males, she thought about the only one who acted to stop this from happening, Ayanokouji.

If Ayanokouji had been complicit in this peeping, or had pretended to not see anything, both classmates and outside parties, without even knowing, would have had their naked bodies be seen. And on top of that, it would remain as data forever.

"Kei-chan, is it fine now?".