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The same technique will not work twice.

「Well then, I’m going to go on and on! Rain Style – Intense Rain!」

Diagonal Slash, Bamboo Split, Upwards Slash, Downwards Slash, Thrust – consecutive attacks overflowing with intent to kill was unleashed in succession.


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I avoided those slashes by dodging, parrying, and defending with my sword

「Guh, don’t stop, don’t stop, go faster!」

With all his slashes being defended, Dodriel raised a loud cry and began to cut even more violently.

While defending his attacks, I felt a slightly uneasy feeling.

(…Why does he keep unleashing attacks which have a high number of hits?)

It somewhat… bothered me.

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I went to the same swordsmanship academy as Dodriel for three years.

That’s why I know this guy to the basic level.

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(He was someone who sought『beauty』in battles…)

It was unlike him to unleash consecutive attacks in succession.


Dodriel got fired up and swung down his sword from an overhead position.


I sidestepped his overhead slash. His defenceless head was right before my reach.