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“But, uh… if I did that, isn’t it possible that I might end up getting targeted…!?”

“I suppose that’s true. It’s not like anybody wants to be seen as the leader. After all, if you end up carelessly upsetting the wrong person, you might end up being voted for instead.”

Yamauchi nodded in agreement.

“That’s why I’m going to help you.”


“There are about twenty people who follow me in Class A. I’ll have all of them use their praise votes on you, Yamauchi-kun.”

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“A good number of your classmates should also be willing to give you praise votes, right? With their votes included, even if you end up getting more than thirty censure votes, the votes will pretty much cancel each other out. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be expelled.”

“A-are you serious?”

“Of course. That said, even if you get twenty votes, your safety won’t be guaranteed. That’s why you need to take the reins and drive somebody else into a corner.”

“B-but who?”

“Let’s see… Naturally, you can’t get rid of somebody useful to your class. Masumi-san, does anyone suitable come to mind?”