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She’s still that absolute beauty with platinum hair. Initially, a lonely otaku like me will never be involved with a woman like this. …However, she’s shooting me a passionate and competitive look right now.


However, I didn’t immediately take her bait. Instead, I took off my coat casually and folded them neatly. Then, I answered her after putting my bag in the corner of the room.

“…Let’s fight with the <Customized Mecha> I saw in the game catalog.”

“Hey, <CM> is really…”

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Main-san mumbled the abbreviation of the game as she started searching for the game in the menu joyfully. Also, I think this game doesn’t belong to Aguri-san’s house. Instead, Main-san brought it over. With that alone…

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(Well, I bet she already played the game to its fullest…)

Although we don’t know each other for long, I already have a grasp of Main-san’s personality.

Main-san, a beautiful flight attendant, she’s the original genius of the old Game Club. …She’s a being infinitely close to Tendou-san’s level. In other words, her attitude towards things that interests her is way different than when it’s not appealing to her. She’ll finish everything once she started playing.

So, when I saw she owns the game, I didn’t expect her to be a newbie at all. I bet she’s not the type to buy a game because of memories or collection purposes.

(…But, I’m already mentally prepared for that.)

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I sighed and made up my mind. After that, I stood next to her to face our match-

“Wait, Amanocchi, Amanocchi!”


-Someone pulled my sleeves as soon as I tried to move.

I was pulled to the corner of the room. After we got far enough from Main-san, she- the main heroine gal of this match, Aguri-san glared at me fiercely.

“What the hell are you thinking!?”

“Uh, what do you mean by what I’m thinking? -Of course, I’m thinking about your love!”