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So, this dumbfoundedly typical after school life of today ended with a game.

Translator: your_pingas

I have a girlfriend, a handsome friend, and sometimes I’ll talk about relationships with my friend’s girlfriend. I was even confessed by another girl recently.

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Do you know who this refined man that stood above all normies is?

Eh, you don’t? Right, it’s because you guys are loners, after all. Even if you browse all the online news, there are no sources for you to receive information in the normie world. In a sense, you guys have insufficient data. It can’t be helped.

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Well, let me introduce myself to everyone.

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Hello, I’m the king of the normie world, abbreviated as Normie King – Keita Amano.

Man, to be honest, I’m way too popular recently. What a pain, …I’m swamped. There’s no time for me to relax. I can’t even sleep well.

Sigh, but this can’t be helped, this is the life of a heartthrob, right?

Think about it, even though loners like you may not understand, interpersonal relationships can be exhausting sometimes.

I have to play with my friends, go out with my girlfriend, and I have to listen to someone, right?

Sigh, my shoulder hurts. I’m spending way too much money on drinks and food. I can no longer only focus on games and anime like you guys. What a pain, this hurts my brain.

However, after my transformation, on the contrary, …and, I’m saying the word “contrary.” The lonely otakus that have a massive chunk of time for themselves by staying home. Oh, how impolite of me, but I’m really envious of free people like you that can live for their hobbies.

I really wanted to switch places with you guys. I’m already tired of girls. Instead, I just want to play games alone.

Although I should say, there’s not a lot of people that can take my position aside from me!

Think about it. After all, our most significant difference is, …while it’s impolite for me to say this, but our most significant difference is how we “conduct” ourselves, isn’t it?

Whether it’s my girlfriend, friends, or the girl that confessed to me. Sigh, how should I say this?

They’re getting closer because they’re attracted by the man, the myth, the legend – Keita Amano’s charm, right.