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There was a chance that we could claim its legitimacy if stolen. If it functioned to make the truth come to light, the school may thoroughly investigate as well. I couldn’t abandon that hope. But I couldn’t get back the keycard unless I gained total control of Ibuki’s next actions. I couldn’t believe she was stupid enough to show this kind of bold behavior.

If she took it away, the card won’t ever be discovered or found anywhere else.

If that happened, it’d only become a dispute involving me not stealing what had already been stolen.

From there, I had no more energy to break into a run and draw near to her. To make matters worse, I had no strength in my fist either. But all I had to do was to make use of whatever force I had left.

I wonder if Ibuki had some reasons why she was rushing things, or she was just underestimating me. I advanced through the ground and commenced the attack. Like a hunter who enjoyed a one-sided hunt. She glanced at me for a moment, taking advantage of my weak situation.

She was all fake.

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While I focused my attention on the lower half of the body, she turned without wavering and swung her right fist with the smallest movement. She barely grazed my hair and avoided any physical contact or attack at any short distance, then she applied a little force to the back of my body and made use of her momentum. Even if I was incompetent then, I’d still try everything until I defeated her.

I tried to take her arms and she lost her balance but again, she grasped the situation in a moment and slipped through my arm. I was trying to see things through by using my strength and speed but I was also avoiding any physical contact. I mustered my remaining strength and I drove into the pit of her stomach with my left fist.

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Ibuki, who couldn’t breathe anymore, kneeled on the spot like she was suffering. But at the same time my strength also reached the limit and my field of vision was distorted. There was no way I was going to chase her if she escaped, so I kept her under control.

“That’s the worst…Already reached my limit.”

Because I moved my body intensely and overdid things, my condition, which was already bad enough before, became hopeless. But I couldn’t let myself collapse. My blow was superficial and it wouldn’t defeat her.

“I don’t know…I was sure you were involved in it.”

Ibuki stood up wiping her muddy face.

“Involved? In what……..?”

Ibuki showed a moment of hesitation but eventually, standing alone, she revealed.