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I was on my own, of course, so I decided to go down to the lowest level for now. If I went upstairs like Kei did, we would be sharing the same space after all.

Even so…I didn’t receive any chat messages on my phone.

At a time like this, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would invite me to join them? No, don’t think about it too much. I felt like I would lose if I thought about it. In the first place, there weren’t many people with whom I’d exchanged contact information to either email or chat with.

Out of the members of the Ayanokōji group, Keisei was free, but he’d quickly announced that he wouldn’t be participating, as he wasn’t interested in this kind of game. Akito was in bad shape, and Haruka and Airi were like a pair from the start.


As I started to move with that in mind, I suddenly bumped into Satō head-on. I raised my hind lightly in greeting before trying to leave, but…

“Ah, w-wait a moment!” She grabbed me by the arm and stopped me as if in a panic. “You know…Ayanokōji-kun, have you partnered up with anyone yet?”

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“No, I’m alone.”

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I didn’t add ‘for now’ because I didn’t plan to become part of a pair in the future. It was one thing to have made more friends, but it was another thing entirely to have people I could work with for events like this. I felt a little empty saying it myself, but I held it in.

“Then…then, um, you know? Would you…pair up with me?”

She made an unexpected suggestion, and I was at a loss as to how to respond.

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Last year, Satō was the first person to ever confess to me. I couldn’t reciprocate her feelings, so I turned her down, and then I started dating Kei afterwards. As someone who expected to be hated; I never thought I’d be asked to partner up.

I had no reason to refuse, but to be honest; I also had no reason to accept.

I’d just seen that Kei had already partnered up with Mori for appearances sake, as she was keeping her relationship with me a secret. That being said, partnering with Satō was another matter.

“Are you worried about Kei-chan…?”

It was hard for me to say yes, but Satō seemed to immediately understand my attitude.

“I heard you were going to tell everyone about the fact the two of you are dating.”

“Is that so?”

It looked like Kei had gotten ahead of me and told her that we would be open about our relationship in the second semester. I knew from past conversations with Matsush*ta that Satō was aware of the relationship between Kei and I.