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About roughly 2 hours ago, it was an incident that occurred just as I had parted ways with Ichinose. Four mails were sent to our phones one after another. The contents of those mails informed us of the end of the exam for several groups.

The (Rat) group, the (Horse) group, the (Bird) group and the (Boar) group. All those groups had their exam ended by the appearance of a traitor.

"The (Horse) group is the one where the "target" was Minami-kun, right?"

"Yes. In other words, there's a possibility his identity was uncovered by someone"

"In the other groups, is there a possibility that one of us had sent the mail?" Horikita anxiously asks. If the "target" makes a mistake, the damage they would incur is nothing to laugh at.

"I was inquiring about that and asked around in several groups earlier. As far as the boys' side goes, they're saying none of them are the traitor that sent the mail" Hirata tells Horikita.

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This is of course, assuming they haven't fed us a lie. But to a certain degree, I'm sure we can trust them.

"Was Yamauchi fine?". I asked about the man who was ready to go to extremes if necessary.

"Ahh, umm. That one's fine. Yamauchi-kun was in the (Bird) group, and it seems he did try to send a betrayal mail. But he hesitated for too long, and the exam ended before he could send the mail" Hirata replies to me.

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"I don't know who it was from where, but betraying us first before we could was a fine play".

Horikita had predicted that if Yamauchi were to send the betrayal mail, he would have completely gotten the answer wrong. I'm sure she's correct too. He had lost his chance the moment he did not send the mail straight away and hesitated after the end of the exam.

"But we don't know the girls' side" Horikita points out.

"That's fine. I've already checked the girls' side. Nobody sent the mails" Karuizawa replies to Horikita bluntly without any hesitation at all. Since she rules over the girls of Class D, her information gathering abilities are almost as fast as Hirata.

"...I see".

Of course Horikita, who has no such information gathering ability, has no other choice but to accept that answer.

"In the end, this exam. I wonder why the briefing was done with such a small group of people?" Hirata murmurs that question was though he could not grasp the meaning behind it.