Do you do a pet house to sell online?

Do you do a pet house to sell online?

More than a day had passed since the official start of the 515 Games Festival yesterday morning.

Qiao Liang had been working very hard recently.

He would be able to obtain a gift bag every day with his friends in Tengda’s online game. There was a chance that he would be able to obtain rare items in the game. He would also be able to obtain a random red packet after an hour in the game...

In summary, players were in charge of playing the game while Tengda was in charge of scattering coins!

Qiao Liang might think that he was a hardcore gamer, but he could not possibly buy all of the epic weapons in Ocean Stronghold. GOG did not have all the skins either. What’s more, there were cash and red packets in the rewards.

It was just a side benefit even though these rewards were not much to Qiao Liang.

In any case, he played games normally. He was just playing for a while longer now that there was such a generous reward for playing games. Why not?

Of course, apart from playing games, Qiao Liang was also paying attention to the money-burning war between Tengda Corporation and Finger Games.

From the current situation, it could be said that Tengda Corporation had completely crushed them!

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Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation had also introduced a series of preferential measures, and players had thought that it was quite good at the beginning but it paled in comparison to Boss Pei’s huge spending!

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After all, one was a preferential treatment while the other was a pure gift. There was a fundamental difference.

After the detailed rules of the 515 Games Day were exposed, gamers immediately entered a state of revelry. Those gamers who only played IOI and did not play GOG were once again envious of GOG’s gamers.

After all, even though IOI’s skin was discounted, they still had to pay for it. On the other hand, GOG would be crazily giving it away when gaming!

Who would win this money-burning war?

Most players had not considered this problem at all.

Of course, it was Boss Pei.

That was because Boss Pei seemed to have never lost in such matters. Players trusted him 100%!<(MISSING)/p>

It would be hard to say if it was anything else. However, Tengda had never been afraid of anyone when it came to burning money.