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Make money on family online online

He considered for a moment and asked, “Then... Boss Pei, can you talk about the specific approach?”

Pei Qian nodded. “Of course!

“The Useful App is a synthesis of wiki and question-and-answer mode. We will also create many entries based on keywords. The entries include two sections of ‘core content’ and ‘derivative content’.

“Our creators are divided into three star categories, and there are corresponding problem areas.

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“If you want to become a creator, you must provide certification information to our reviewers to prove your professionalism in the field.

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“One-star creators can only edit and interact in the ‘derivative content’—that is, they can only answer questions in their own field of expertise or comment on other answers.”

“Two-star creators can edit the ‘core content’. The ‘core content’ is equivalent to the essence of the whole concept and the index part. At the same time, they have authority. If they think that there is a factual error in the content of a one-star creator, they can report the content.

“Three-star creators, in addition to the editing rights for all content, can also view the historical version of each entry and view the additions and deletions of content by various creators. At the same time, they can handle the reported content.

“Our staff will have the highest authority. If the three-star creators violated the rules, they will be dealt with after a discussion with our staff.

“All one-, two-, and three-star creators would be invited by our staff in the initial phase. The vetting can be initiated and decide whether something could be upgraded based on their output or not.

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“If a certain creator violates our creative regulations—such as incorrect text, incorrect facts, maliciously inducing answers, etc.; they must be deleted.

“Our app is called ‘Useful’, which means that all the information above must be guaranteed to be useful.